Monday, August 08, 2005

Long Awaited 2nd Post

Ok sorry people... here's the deal, this summer turned out to be much more "work" and "class" than "bocce" and "beer", but I finally got in a follow up game.

This time was different, and it was a fine moment for the advancement of this great game. I introduced Extreme Bocce to LITTLE KIDS!!! Guess what, they love it. Why? Cause the point is to throw balls at things and be stupid and dangerous, stuff kids do anyways. I did enforce two rules: 1 - not in the road (you need years of experienced stupidity to enter into that arena), and 2 - don't tell grammy about all the stuff we break. It worked like a charm! From 5 years old up through 22 (me!) a rowdy adventure was found, which included these highlights:
  • Water Bocce: Use a brightly colored rock as the snitch, and then play the game into and under the water. You can wade, swim, treadwater, dive, whatever you need to do. Goggles are encouraged for refereeing, but not necessary.
  • Rock pile: This was great as it added a 3rd dimension to the game... like, literally a third dimension, height. An additional modification was made to accommodate unskilled play, in that the winner could either throw the snitch per normal, or place the snitch in an intriguing spot. A certain 5 year old player was obsessed with the rock pile, and every time he won (which was often) would say "I know a cool place", slap his knee and run off to place the snitch atop a pile of rocks. The goal then involved either rolling the ball up near enough, or alternately throwing high enough the gravity would sink the ball into the sandy stone pile.
  • Compost Bocce: This was an accident, and not recommended.
That's it... still waiting to hear all your stories..... until next time, which at this rate could be a while...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Welcome to Extreme Bocce Online

Extreme Bocce is a terrific, if slightly hazardous, way to spend a few hours with friends. It's basically Bocce Ball (you know the sport your grandma plays on the lawn) played anywhere (and everywhere), usually involving "spirits" or "hops", numerous obstacles, and angry security guards telling you to stop playing bocce by, in or on their building.

There aren't any real steadfast rules, but here is the list we follow:
  • Everyone has two balls. Yes, that was a joke. But seriously, if you have a Bocce Ball set with water filled balls (the cheap kind, which is highly suggested), and the balls break (inevitable) then fill the shells with rocks. These are advantageous for slopes, steps, and precision shots, but for shot across the street, across campus, or up the hill you'll benefit from a water filled ball. Basically its cool if everyone has one of each. Then there's some strategery involved.
  • There is one "target" at which the Bocce Balls are bowled, tossed, dropped, or otherwise propelled. We use an Aerobie, the orange hollow frisbee ring things. We add the rule that if the ball actually rolls inside the ring that you lose. But you can use anything, a golfball, pack of cigarettes, soda can, dead mouse, statue of James McGill, whatever you feel like.
  • If there is ever a question due to safety concerns as to whether or not a throw should be completed, the answer is always a strong YES.
Play is as follows:
  1. Someone throws the target (hereby referred to as the Snitch).
  2. The winner of the previous round throws the snitch in whatever direction he/she desires, preferably the most unorthodox, complicated, dangerous and or shit-disturbing way possible. Some examples include: across the street, through sun bathers and guitar playing hippies on campus, in buildings/classrooms, anywhere! Use your imagination.
  3. Then the same person bowls their first ball at the snitch. Each remaining person rolls their balls, one at a time in order of impatience, also at the snitch, either knocking their own or their friend's balls closer, smacking a competitors out of the way, or just plain going for the snitch.
  4. The person with the closest ball wins. Ties or disputes go to the player with the largest balls.
  5. Repeat while drinking beer, or work up an appetite playing and then go drink beer, or both. Take pictures and video of your extreme bocce adventures and post them here.
Game plays ends only on one or more of the following conditions:
  1. A security guard or other person of authority forces you to leave the playing field.
  2. Enough of your balls get lost or broken that gameplay is impossible.
  3. The gameplay becomes less then extreme.
So that's it for now. Upcoming posts will features bios, pics, and special moves from some of the League members, and the long term summer project is a skate-style Extreme Bocce video across the sites of Montreal. So keep on a-commin.